The time is right for a smart, in-depth magazine with a Western perspective.

A New Voice for California

The journal of alta california (alta), is scheduled to launch as a quarterly magazine and website in Fall 2017. Conceived and backed by William Randolph Hearst III, Alta will provide a fresh, smart take on the issues, culture, personalities, politics, arts, lifestyle and history of California, featuring some of the state’s best writers, photographers and illustrators. The magazine’s website,, will be a daily guide to the best writing about the state from Alta and other sources. Alta also will sponsor a series of events bringing together the best thinkers on California and current affairs.

“The time is right for a smart, in-depth magazine with a Western perspective,” said Hearst, whose family has had a legendary place in California journalism for more than 130 years. “Alta will provide literate, interesting coverage of the Golden State, from San Diego and Los Angeles in the Southland to San Francisco and the rugged redwood forests of the northern part of the state.”

Drawing on inspiration from magazines such as The New Yorker, Vanity Fair and Spy, Alta will be smart, witty, literary, informative and newsy. Above all, Alta treasures great journalism, great storytelling and beautiful images. Alta’s partners include the Center for Investigative Reporting, the Bay Area Book Festival, SFFILM, and others.