Alan Goldfarb

David Harris draped in a beloved American flag passed down through his family, at his home in Marin County, California, on March 20, 2019.

David Harris Might Be Dying, but He Continues to Resist

Few resisters from the Vietnam antiwar era had a bigger impact than David Harris, who inspired generations to have the courage of their convictions. Now dying of cancer, he wants his message heard again.

With his movie-making years behind him, Francis Ford Coppola is turning his attention to his next production: reviving the storied Inglenook winery in Rutherford. Previous owners had cut prices and quality, and Coppola is having parts of the vineyard replanted and focusing on upscale, better-quality wines, such as Rubicon.

Godfather’s Grapes

For his latest epic production, famed director Francis Ford Coppola aims to restore the Inglenook winery to greatness.