Alta Cartoonists

"Hey kid. You wanna dance with the devil?"

Altatude Summer 2020 Online Extras

Your quarterly dose of bons mots, witticisms, pith, shenanigans, poppycock, codswallop, claptrap, flapdoodle, and good old-fashioned nonsense. Take a look at these Altatude cartoons.

“Walk for your lives!”

Altatude Summer 2020

If brevity is the soul of wit but a picture is worth a thousand words, are these cartoons short and sweet or horribly verbose? Some questions may not be worth delving into. 

“Why do I destroy everything I love?”

Altatude Spring 2020 Online Extras

There are so many great cartoons and never enough pages. These online-exclusive Altatudes will bring a grin to your grind. 

“Where do you see yourself in five years?”

Spring 2020 Altatudes

This latest round of cartoons from artists across the globe aims to add a smile (or a smirk) to your day. 

“I guess now we know.”

Altatude Winter 2020 Online Extras

While there's only so much room in the print magazine, some cartoon submissions are too good to pass up—like these ones. 

“Cut down on plastics.”

Altatude Winter 2020

Have you heard? Clever is the new funny. And after hours of looking through nearly a thousand cartoon submissions, our editors have selected the most smirk-inducing among them. Take a look. 

“Password. And it must contain over eight characters, upper- and lowercase letters, some numerals, and at least two symbols.”

Altatude Fall 2019

Alta editors spend hours reviewing over a thousand cartoon submissions. After days of debate, these Altatudes made the comedy cut. 

“Spiteful to the very end.”

Altatude: Issue 8

Is a life without laughter worth living? Let's not find out. Enjoy the latest Altatude cartoons. 

“Ha, ha, ha, very funny, Mr. Musk.”

Altatude Summer 2019

Every quarter, Alta editors receive hundreds (and hundreds) of cartoon submissions for Altatudes, the comic-filled back page of the magazine. These are our picks for Alta's 2019 Summer Issue.

“Mom said dad pulled a groin surfing Mendocino. When will he realize he’s not 60 anymore?”

Altatude Spring 2019

One of the highlights of finalizing each issue of Alta is going through cartoon submissions for Altatudes, the comic-filled back page of the magazine. These are our picks for Alta's 2019 Spring Issue.

“It’s this amazing new thing that I’m never going to use.”

Altatude Summer 2018

Alta selects a handful of cartoons from hundreds (and hundreds) of quarterly submissions. These are our top picks for the Summer 2018 issue.


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