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The Books On Our Nightstand

Take a peek onto the nightstands of Alta's editors—and maybe get a few ideas for your own bedside table reading material. 

Event: Steve Jobs Rebooted

Journalist Tom Zito, software developer Andy Hertzfeld, and pioneering game developer Al Alcorn share intimate details of their relationships with the Apple co-founder.

Letters to the Editor

Readers regularly write us with questions, comments and suggestions, and our authors respond — in Alta's Letters to the Editor.

Busted: Brash Stories from Texas and New Mexico

A conversation with writers Joshua Wheeler and Bryan Mealer about the booms, busts, and bold characters of the Southwestern United States.

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Three Editors’ Picks We Know You’ll Love

Alta editors make our recommendations on a literature website, a true crime podcast, and a quarterly publication straight from the California desert that will become your latest favorites. Trust us. 

Appreciations 2018

Remembering some of the people whose inventions, ideas, and sheer force of will shaped California and the West

Alta Poetry 2018

These works by California poets capture particular, private moments of life in the Golden State

Best of Alta 2018

These six articles, two podcasts, cartoon and poem were among our most read, shared and commented on in 2018

Ramelli calls this “The Terminator View” because "The Terminator" movies 1 and 4 start with this view.

Los Angeles Lens

Serge Ramelli's latest photography book aims his lens on his adopted home of Los Angeles — a city in which this self-taught photographer still hopes to find fame.

Remembering Gold

Jonathan Gold, the only restaurant critic to win a Pulitzer Prize for his work in the genre, died suddenly at age 57. We're gathered the best of the many tributes to Gold that exemplify his massive impact ...