Beth Spotswood

Beth Spotswood is Alta's digital editor, podcast host, events manager, and a contributing writer. In addition to her work for Alta, Beth writes a Thursday column for the San Francisco Chronicle. She lives in San Francisco's Mission District with her husband and son (who is lovingly referred to as Baby Alta by her coworkers.)

A Cal Fire airplane drops retardant on a large hilltop home that caught fire during a 2014 wildfire in San Marcos.

Getting Ready for the Big One—Fire, That Is

In this Alta newsletter, we cover what to know for the remainder of California's wildfire season. 

Joel Sartore’s Photo Ark Project

Joel Sartore is on a one-man mission to build a photographic library of every animal in human care. He’s like ...

California condor (Gymnogyps californianus) photographed at the Phoenix Zoo in Phoenix, Arizona. Status: critically endangered.

Keeping the West Wild

This week, Alta's newsletter looks at the ways individual Californians are keeping the state's endangered animals alive. 

Past, Present and Future of Women in Classical Music

What special challenges do women musicians face that their male counterparts don’t? Have those challenges changed, and in what ways? ...

Light-footed clapper rail (Rallus longirostris levipes) photographed at the Chula Vista Nature Center in Chula Vista, California. Status: endangered.

Photographer Joel Sartore’s Ark of the Endangered

One man’s effort to photograph 12,000 animal species in captivity includes haunting images of those threatened by extinction.

CalFire’s Aerial First Responders

CalFire’s aerial firefighting fleet is the largest of its kind in the world. Today’s guest, award-winning and best-selling author Bonnie ...

Sergio Gonzales, one of the longest-tenured servers at Musso’s, delivers truffled mac and cheese, crab Louie, and grilled New York steak to a hungry Anniversarist.

The Restaurant That Helped Define Hollywood

In this week's newsletter, we spill the secrets of L.A.'s most glamorous vintage eateries with writer and historian David Kipen.

Musso & Frank Grill Turns 100

Musso & Frank Grill is a Los Angeles institution. Writer David Kipen visited this storied dining spot (in character as ...

Whole roasted San Miguel vermilion, an example of a boat-to-table meal.

Tastes as Big as California

Subterranean Sacramento and home cooked meals in Riverside? In this week's Alta newsletter, we explore California's burgeoning food scenes outside of high-profile San Francisco and Los Angeles. 

Altatude Cartoonist Phil Witte

Phil Witte, a humorist, journalist, cartoonist and lawyer living in Oakland, joins us for an Alta podcast to talk about ...