Beth Spotswood

Dick Dale, Hal Blaine, and Jeanie Patterson left major imprints on California's musical soul.

The Beat of California Goes On

The deaths of musicians Dick Dale and Hal Blaine, and nightclub owner Jeanie Patterson leave deafening holes in the tapestry of West Coast sound—but their work paved the way for diverse new talent.

Evelyn Hernandez and her young son Alex.

A Tale of Two Killings

The stories of Laci Peterson and Evelyn Hernandez suggest that all lives—and deaths—are not equal.

The Final Event

Cindy Hegger specializes in end-of-life photography. She began this stage of her business after photographing activists working in Sacramento to ...

Photographer Cindy Hegger, left, and her mother Nina. The two women spent a day at the beach just before Nina’s death so Cindy could take photos of her mother enjoying one of her last days.

Photographs and Memories

Photographer Cindy Hegger and her clients treat the end of one’s life just like any other major milestone — something that should be documented with photos and treasured.

Beverly Hills Subway

Dangerous fumes. Explosions. Terrorism. Lisa Korbatov has cited all sorts of dire threats in her efforts to prevent LA Metro ...

Incidents of pets trapped along the cliffs of Fort Funston are on the rise.

Rescues on the Rise

Incidents of pets trapped along the cliffs of Fort Funston are on the rise, and their time-consuming rescues can pull vital San Francisco Fire Department resources away from other emergencies.

Underground Adventurers

Writer Zack Ruskin takes us into the underground world of urban explorers, a collection of bold adventurers who make their way, legal or not, into abandoned buildings and structures.

The Original Girl in the Well

Historian Bill Deverell joins the Alta podcast to discuss the 1949 San Marino “girl in the well” story. Bill details ...

10 California-based Podcasts

Consider our favorite picks for podcasts from and about California, including selections from Dax Shepard, San Quentin and the Newport Police Department.

Totally Over In-N-Out

Alta contributing editor Gustavo Arellano defends his distaste for In-N-Out Burger, comparing the West Coast chain to the most cliche ...