Beth Spotswood

Beth Spotswood is Alta's digital editor, podcast host, events manager, and a contributing writer. In addition to her work for Alta, Beth writes a Thursday column for the San Francisco Chronicle. She lives in San Francisco's Mission District with her husband and son (who is lovingly referred to as Baby Alta by her coworkers.)

U.S. marshals arrest Harris for draft evasion in 1969 at Struggle Mountain, the Harris-Baez home in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

California, Resist!

In this week's newsletter, the Golden State is first in fighting back. Activist David Harris’s draft resistance is one of many movements that originated on (and continue to emerge from) the West Coast.

Mr. Peace on Modern Resistance

“I got to be a hero.” David Harris is former contributing editor to the New York Times and to Rolling ...

California’s New Normal

In this week's newsletter, wildfires force a quarterly magazine to examine breaking news.

California Is a Cabaret

In this week’s newsletter, we laud four critically-acclaimed Golden State performers still in search of the big time.

Renaissance of the Written Word

The Fall, 2019 issue of Alta features the magazine’s first standalone section on books and literature spearheaded by our books ...

An Alien sculpture lines the side of the road in the town of Baker, California, which is also known as the 'Gateway to Area 51.'

E.T., Phone Home to California

In this week's newsletter, we tour West Coast spots devoted to finding life beyond Earth. (And yes, E.T.'s house is included.)

Tom Frost during his second ascent of the Nose, a climbing route up Yosemite’s El Capitan, in June 1997.

Go Climb A Rock

In this week’s newsletter, we brave the granite of El Capitan with a new generation of athletes and celebrate a pioneer of the climbing world by inviting you to a film screening. 

Remembering Climbing Legend Tom Frost

What do the CIA, an outdoor clothing company, and a Yosemite campsite all have in common? Tom Frost.  Famous in ...

One portion of the Well of Scribes has been located and will soon be returned to the Los Angeles Central Library.

Solving California’s Cold Cases, One at a Time

In this week's newsletter, we celebrate a crack in a cold case—and look to solve more mysteries. 

Man-Made Meat is a Very Real Thing

Rachel Levin went where very few have gone before — she ate a chicken nugget made out of man-made meat. ...