Carol Strickland

Nonfiction Picks for Winter 2020

Intimate and intense, these nonfiction selections are must-reads for 2020. 

Detail of Five Great American Negroes (1939), by Charles White (American, 1918–79), oil on canvas. From the collection of the Howard University Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.

Muscle, Soul, and Vision

Muscle, soul, and vision come together in two must-see exhibits at Los Angeles museums; Charles White: A Retrospective and Oscar Rejlander: Artist Photographer.

Pictured in the courtyard of Condominium One in 1991 are MLTW architects who designed the early phase of The Sea Ranch (left to right), Richard Whitaker, Donlyn Lyndon, Charles Moore, and William Turnbull. Moore made Condominium One his home.

The Lasting Impact of Sea Ranch

A new exhibit on the Sonoma coast celebrates a trailblazing experiment founded on ecological, egalitarian principles.

Hot Spot

The fires that devastated Santa Rosa last fall followed an all-too-familiar pattern, raising questions about zoning and development policies.