Joy Lanzendorfer

The stump of a redwood tree at Humboldt State University in Arcata.

Humboldt High

A native daughter returns to California’s onetime cannabis capital and discovers unsettling changes.

Beneath the tranquil waters of Lake Berryessa lies the village of Monticello. The community was sacrificed as part of the Solano Project, which created the Monticello Dam in the 1950s.

Lost Beneath Lake Berryessa

Napa County’s largest lake covers 1.6 million acre-feet—and submerged an entire town. Dorothea Lange photographed the flooding of the valley in the 1950s.

Jack London in November 1916, weeks before his death from uremic poisoning and a morphine overdose at his Beauty Ranch in Glen Ellen, California.

The First and Last Lives of Jack London

Wolf House represented the author’s ambition and success, but the Sonoma County mansion burned to the ground before he could move in. It was an emotional loss he never recovered from.