Paul Wilner

Father’s Day author Matthew Zapruder

Matthew Zapruder’s Parenthood in Poetry

In his new collection of poems, Father’s Day, Matthew Zapruder explores the complications of parenthood…and everything.

Phantoms author Christian Kiefer says he’s attracted to writing about “folks who are broke and/or disenfranchised from the system.”

Onward, Christian’s Soldiers

"Phantoms", a new novel from Christian Kiefer, exorcises past crimes and confronts current issues against the backdrop of two wars.

“The Golden State” by Lydia Kiesling

Not Everything Turns to Gold

Lydia Kiesling’s sharp debut explores the underside of rural California

Eve Babitz first gained notoriety by playing chess in the nude with Marcel Duchamp at the artist’s 1963 retrospective at the Pasadena Art Museum.

All About Eve

With the re-release of "Black Swans: Stories" Los Angeles author and artist Eve Babitz is reestablished as a major West Coast literary icon.