Robert Ito

Playwright Bekah Brunstetter at a rehearsal for her work Miss Lilly Gets Boned at the Electric Lodge theater in Venice, California.

The Female Playwrights Transforming Television

Character and dialogue? We got this. A new generation of female playwrights is shaking up television writers’ rooms across Hollywood.

Tammy Nelson performs the finale of Beach Blanket Babylon wearing a San Francisco skyline hat and Alan Greenspan, the show’s longtime hat designer and maker.

Pulling Back the Curtain on Beach Blanket Babylon

After a wild—and wildly successful—45-year run, the camp classic Beach Blanket Babylon ends this December. Robert Ito compiled an oral history of a beloved San Francisco spectacle.

A young woman pays tribute to Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bomb victims at a candlelight memorial in Los Angeles’s Little Tokyo, August 8, 1972.

Setting the Record Straight on the Asian American Experience

Nearly 50 years before Crazy Rich Asians, a group of UCLA students began documenting the Asian American experience on film.