Will Hearst

Russell Chatham at his studio in Marin County, California. ”I paint everything from memory,” he says.

Russell Chatham’s Final Interview

In what would be his final interview, famed landscape painter Russell Chatham tells Alta publisher Will Hearst where he finds inspiration, what it’s like to work on commission, and why Gauguin brought him to tears.

Alta's editor and publisher Will Hearst.

Art, Science, and the Wild

Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones ...

Serial entrepreneur Anthony Wood founded five companies before launching Roku in 2002. (Roku means “six” in Japanese.)

Anthony Wood and the Future of Streaming

Do you watch Netflix or Hulu on a smart TV? The CEO of Roku reveals how his company helps those services (and soon Disney and Apple, too) stream movies, sports, and TV programs.

Alta's editor and publisher Will Hearst.

The Far West Is Our North Star

Publisher Will Hearst looks westward to answer the oft-asked question, “What is Alta about?”

Alta's editor and publisher Will Hearst

The Spirit of This Era

Alta publisher Will Hearst reflects on his goal to have the magazine evoke a sense of place and discovery—today and decades from now. 

Lucy Fisher in her office at Red Wagon Entertainment in Los Angeles. The award-winning producer’s films include “The Great Gatsby,” “Memoirs of a Geisha” and “Jarhead.”

Writing Her Own Script

Lucy Fisher started out as a waitress, but ended up running the studio. Will Hearst sits down for a Q&A with the groundbreaking Hollywood executive.

Musician, music producer and investor Jerry Harrison at his home in Marin County.

Not Just Another Talking Head

In a conversation with Alta Publisher and Editor Will Hearst – his former Harvard roommate – Talking Heads mainstay Jerry Harrison expounds on music, business and life.

Alice Waters in her backyard garden in Berkeley.

Recipe For Change

The woman who changed the way we eat looks back at nearly 50 years of running her famed restaurant, Chez Panisse — and looks forward to innovative ways to feed the next generation.

Frank Gehry at his office in Los Angeles.

Portrait of the Architect: Frank Gehry

The nation’s foremost architect designs startling buildings: swooping, glimmering structures. He demands attention, experimenting with new forms, materials and techniques. But his true goal is emotion, like high art or great engineering. Frank Gehry believes in architecture ...