You Are Alta’s Next Cover Star

Transform the background of all of your Zoom meetings (and make everyone jealous) with one of these picturesque backdrops inspired by Alta magazine covers. 

The California Hall of Fame celebrates the “legendary people who embody [the state’s] innovative spirit and have made their mark on history.” Founded in 2006, the museum admits between 7 and 14 members each year.

10 Californians Who Are Missing from the Hall of Fame

A new class of Californians was inducted into the state Hall of Fame this week. Here are ten names we'd like to see in the class of 2020.

Alta Books Editor David Ulin and Editor-at-Large Mary Melton celebrate the launch of "Joan Didion: The 1960s and 70s" in Los Angeles.

Alta Toasts David L. Ulin and His New Book on Joan Didion

Alta’s Los Angeles community raised a glass to Books Editor David L.  Ulin on the publication of Joan Didion: The 1960s and 70s.


Long Live L.A. Journalism

Los Angeles might be the land of make-believe but the journalism coming out of the City of Angels is anything but fake.


Win Tickets to the San Francisco International Film Festival

The first 21 Alta fans who post a photo of themselves with a copy of Alta to our Facebook page by Wednesday, April 4, will win a pair of tickets one of several San Francisco International Film Festival films sponsored by Alta.