David L. Ulin

Upton Sinclair, militant international author and Socialist, who captured the Democratic nomination for Governor of California, reads a paper at a desk in 1934.

The Jungle of Politics

Upton Sinclair’s 1934 bid for California’s governorship has lessons for today.

Author Lucia Berlin, 1963, in Albuquerque, N.M.

‘Evening in Paradise’

It’s tricky to look back posthumously at a writer. So many factors — the substance of her fiction, say, or ...

Neal Cassady leans against a door, holding a cigarette, the epitome of Beat-era cool.

Beats’ Holy Grail

Jack Kerouac called it “the greatest piece of writing I ever saw” and cited it as inspiration for the style of “On The Road.” After years of legal wrangling, the “Joan Anderson Letter” is now surfacing. Read ...

Illustrations by Josh Ellingson

Wheels of Change

New transportation innovations are forcing planners and city officials to rethink everything about how we'll get around in California's cities of the future.

Unmade bed at daybreakUnmade bed at daybreak

Tightrope Walker

It may seem like overstatement to call Gina Berriault’s “Women in Their Beds” a masterpiece, but that’s what it is.